Detroit Grooming Co. Premium 8 oz. Beard Wash - 'Black' Amber Bourbon - Beard Shampoo & Cleanser

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One of  Detroit Grooming Co's most popular collections of beard oils and grooming products, the Black Edition. Tones of Vetiver, Amber & Cedarwood are gently blended to create a rugged, yet sweet bourbon scent in this amazing beard wash. The labels and style have been re-imagined and constructed with class taste. Slip your beard into something a little more sophisticated.This gentle yet effective beard wash is 100% perfect for even the most sensitive skin and it's great at keeping your beard hair light & clean, and your skin refreshed. The beard wash's base blend will drench your beard in savage hydration.

Directions: Rinse your beard out. Make nice and wet. Then squeeze out the desired amount of beard wash and lather into your beard & face (safe to use anywhere). Rinse out.

Scent: Amber Bourbon
Size: 8oz

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