5000 Ways You know You're From Detroit

"5000 Ways You Know You're From Detroit" by Chris Edwards and Elaine Weeks

If you or someone you know is a Detroit Baby Boomer then 5000 Ways You Know You’re From Detroit is for YOU!

  • MOTORTOWN: Detroit put the world on wheels; 
  • MUSIC CAPITAL OF THE WORLD: Motown, Rock ‘n Roll;
  • DETROIT TV & RADIO: Big 8, WKNR, Swingin’ Time, Bozo, Milky, Soupy, Sonny; 
  • FOOD & DRINK: Lost Restaurants, Vernors, Faygo, Coney Island etc...; – 
  • FUN: Edgewater, Bob-Lo, State Fair, Belle Isle, Detroit Zoo; 
  • LANDMARKS: Hudson’s, Sams, Kerns; Big Tire, Fist, Stove, Spirit of Detroit 
  • SIXTIES & hippies, underground press, March to Freedom, ‘67 Riot/Uprising; 
  • SPORTS: Kaline, Horton, Lane, Louis; And SO MUCH MORE!

 1,400+ photos & recollections of Detroit’s “Baby Boomer” years; the “Golden Era” 1950s PLUS pre & MANY highlights!

Hardcover : 480 pages

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