The Honeycomb Terrarium

The Honeycomb Terrarium mimics hexagonal wax cells created by bees in their hive to contain honey, pollen, larvae. The barrel roof design contains over 90 individually cut hexagons, and bubble glass is used to stimulate the dripping nectar of the hive. A typical bee hive contains over 100,000 individual cells " the busy bee has no time for sorrow," said William Blake. We would weep at such a challenge, but we have created an apiary of your very own to pollinate.

Content + Care

  • 10" W x 7" L x 13" H
  • Made in Detroit


      • All LeadHead Terrariums are made to order by LeadHead Glass
      • LeadHead Terrariums are not included in any free shipping promotions that Pure Detroit offers
      • Shipping is $20 per terrarium to ensure safety of glass
      • Terrariums are shipped via FedEx from Leadhead. Delivery is expected 2-3 weeks after the purchase.

      LeadHead Glass Terrariums are handcrafted out of reclaimed glass and wood from deconstructed homes in Detroit. We model our terrariums after 19th century Wardian Cases, with an updated design. The Wardian case was originally used to transport exotic plants around the globe, and is an ideal environment to raise your own miniature garden in!

      LeadHead Glass Terrariums are as unique as the glass and wood it comes from. Each one is made using responsibly sourced materials from hand deconstructed homes. Our commitment is to recycle and reuse our local resources by creating fine American-crafted terrariums.

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