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April 10, 2024

Eat Detroit Style Pizza

Michigan & Trumbull Detroit Style Pizza - Pure Detroit Blog

 - Michigan & Trumbull's Packard Pepperoni Pizza

Eat Detroit Style Pizza 

By Pure Detroit

Detroit style pizza. You’ve had it. You love it. It’s surging in popularity and seems to be all the pizza rage nationwide and even beyond. Detroit-style pizza places have popped up across the USA, in Canada and have spread across to Europe and Asia. From Charlie Webb’s award-winning Hudson & Packard Pizza in Poughkeepsie, New York to the amazing Descendant Pizza on Toronto’s Queen Street, these places are not to be missed when traveling and looking for Detroit-style goodness. If you are in Austin, a stop at Via 313 Pizza is a must. Former Detroiters Brandon and Zane Hunt introduced genuine Detroit-style pizza to Austin locals a few year’s back. It was a hit. In fact, a big hit. They have since grown to multiple locations.

Over in the UK, Detroit Pizza London offers Detroit-style pies near the famous Spitalfields Market. They promote their delicious Detroit-style pizza as ‘baked in blue steel’, referencing the deep-walled pans they use to bake their Detroit-style pies to perfection. Across the Pacific, Motor City Pizza in Seoul, South Korea has been serving Detroit style to fans since 2016. Favorites include the ‘Detroit Red Top’ and the ‘Jackson 5’.

The Original Detroit-style Pizza 

But what about eating Detroit style pizza in Detroit? Where should pizza lovers partake in the beloved local ‘Detroit Style’? Maybe you have been to the original Buddy’s at the corner of Conant Street and Six Mile. It's more than a pizza institution, it’s the place of legends and arguably, for years where the best Detroit-style pizza has been served. It’s tough to beat this Detroit classic. Perhaps it’s the throwback interior of a place oozing with history, but the famous Buddy’s Detroit square always seems to be a little tastier at that location. 

Grandma Bobs Pizza Detroit - Pure Detroit Blog

 - Grandma Bob's Big Mack Pizza

The New Kids in Town

After a full immersion at the Buddy's Conant and Six Mile spot, you may want to check out the new kids in town. The ridiculously-delicious Michigan & Trumbull Pizza. The first electrifying bite feels like pizza heaven. An instant legend. No kidding, It’s that good. Nestled in a cozy location on Holden Street, just a few blocks away from the Fisher Building, Michigan & Trumbull offers up friendly smiles and possibly the most delicious Detroit-style pizza to ever hit your taste buds. Our personal faves include: the Packard Pepperoni. It’s topped with housemade ‘haute honey’. We also love the whimsical-sounding and super-tasty Cowabunga Supreme. 

Just down Michigan Avenue in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood, you’ll find newcomer Grandma Bob’s. Their exceedingly delicious pies are known for their creative and contemporary toppings and takes on the Detroit style. From pickle-topped to sausage and pistachio, their pizza is part of a new wave bringing new tastes and combinations to fans. 

What Makes A Detroit-style Pizza?

What makes a pizza Detroit-style you ask? Well first, you have to travel back in time to Detroit in 1946 to Buddy’s Rendezvous. There, local pizza genius Gus Guerra, created and developed the signature Detroit-style pizza. The pizza is rectangular and baked in deep, square steel pans. Originally, the high-walled pans for Detroit-style pizza were designed to hold car parts in Detroit's automotive factories. Makes perfect sense. The pans help create a thick, airy, crispy, chewy crust. One of the signature features of Detroit-style pizza is the cheese that goes all the way to the edges of the pan. Toppings are layered directly onto the dough, before the cheese. Perhaps the most visually striking feature of Detroit-style pizza are its 'red stripes' of sauce. A real delight! Yum!

Detroit Pizza City

You have to ask yourself, is Detroit the Capital of Pizza? Are we the top town for the tasty pie? Are we the pizza world champs? We say we are and here’s proof: For the second year in a row, Detroit was ranked #1 for Best Pizza City in America. What an honor! With a power-hitting lineup that includes Buddy’s, Michigan & Trumbull, Shields, Cloverleaf and Grandma Bob’s, Detroit-style pizza is most certainly our crown jewel in the national pizza city crown and our worldwide claim to pizza fame. What else can we say? Eat Detroit-style pizza.

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