St. Patrick's Day in Detroit - Join the Celebration!
February 18, 2024

St. Patrick's Day in Detroit - Join the Celebration!

By Mike Kline

It’s no secret that Detroit has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment. Right now we are coming up on a particularly festive time of year – the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, and it’s not just about drinking green beer, although there will plenty of that happening. On March 10, Detroit will celebrate its 65th annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, running the length of Corktown, Detroit’s oldest neighborhood. The parade starts at 1 p.m. and runs from Michigan Avenue at 6th Street west to 14th Street.

Turnout for the parade is typically heavy, despite the chilly weather, lining the avenue on both sides and cheering on the various groups and organizations. This is a boon for establishments that do business along the route, namely the bars and restaurants of Corktown. All of them will be in full swing, but some will be bursting at the seams, turned up to 11.

PJ's Lager House Detroit - St Patrick's Day in Detroit - Pure Detroit Blog

Nearby, many local watering holes will join the celebration. A personal favorite is always PJ’s Lager House at 1254 Michigan Ave. – a classic Detroit bar filled with history, good people, music and great beer offerings. Music is not just for special occasions here, as their stage is full more days than not.

Corktown Tavern Detroit - St. Patrick's Daay Parade - Pure Detroit Blog

Corktown Tavern, 1716 Michigan Ave., will have live music starting at noon, drink specials and food. McShane’s Irish Pub will have plenty of Irish food specials, live music and no cover charge. Nemo’s at 1384 Michigan Ave. has long been an integral piece of the St. Patrick’s Parade Day celebration as well. And no Corktown St. Paddy’s Day celebration is complete without stopping by McShane’s at 1460 Michigan Ave. It’s the real deal with plenty of cold brews and loud music.

Finally, don’t forget the oldest party in Detroit, across the freeway at Nancy Whiskey’s located at 2644 Harrison St. A neighborhood hangout since 1902.

The Old Shillalegh - St. Patrick's Day - Pure Detroit Blog

Lest you think that the fun ends on the 10th, many bars will also be going strong on March 17th, the actual St. Patrick’s Day. Expect the largest crowds at The Old Shillalegh at 349 Monroe St. in Greektown. They will have two huge tents on the 16th and 17th to help contain the masses. The Old Shillelagh has a reputation to uphold as the biggest St. Patrick’s Day party in Detroit. With two full interior floors, a roof top deck, five bars and the two tents, they are hard to beat. It’s a party of epic proportions.

It’s safe to say that wherever you go in Detroit on the 10th or the weekend of the 16th, you’ll be near a St. Patrick’s party at one of over 200 bars the city has to offer.

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